EQT REC Center Supports Youth Athletics

Healthplex’s EQT REC Center created a youth wrestling program which began in December of 2020 and continued throughout the winter months. The wrestling program paved the way for a partnership with Central Greene School District and the wrestling boosters club to host two wrestling tournaments in successive months. The first was a youth tournament held at the end of February. With over 230 registrants and four mats packed into the indoor turf field we were able keep non-stop action throughout the day.  The EQT REC Center is proud to have been a part of this incredible feat from local athletes, many of which have trained at our Center.

EQT Recreation Center – Our Newest Center

HPA welcomes our new center, the EQT Recreation Center, located in southwest Pennsylvania. EQT has a proud history of innovative commitment to youth programming, sports and recreation.  For Example, EQT has created a new “EPIC” program for their youth in the community. “EPIC” stands for Educational, Physical Activity, Interaction, and Creativity. Indeed, the program has been a huge success!