MRMC Wellness Center’s Transition: Focus on Health

2020 made every fitness center re-evaluate their health and alter their regular exercise routines. The Matagorda Regional Medical Center facility was no exception. MRMC Wellness Center’s transition focuses on health, wellness, and safety. As the major wellness resource in our small community, we are a significant part of the community’s focus for improving overall wellness. We also serve as a place to catch up and socialize with friends. The COVID pandemic definitely put a damper on social gatherings and brick and mortar (face to face) group exercise/personal training.

Our south Texas county was one of the hardest hit with Covid infections and our Hospital was full for weeks with patients. It left our members and MRMC team missing one another and counting down the days until the facility could reopen. Throughout all the changes and losses, we count our daily blessings as we adjust and begin a new normal and continue to work on our overall health/wellness. Some of the changes we implemented at the MRMC Wellness Center’s facility were spacing equipment out, limiting total occupancy capacity, wearing masks, taking daily temperature readings, and adding additional cleaning/disinfecting regimens throughout the day.