Health Talks: Fit for Life

The new SBH Health and Wellness Center is changing the lives of people of all ages.  The Bronx ranks last place among counties in New York State when it comes to health outcomes.  That’s why our mission at the Healthplex Fitness Center calls for enhancing the future of a community that struggles with one of the nation’s highest rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and malnutrition.  It’s about keeping people out of the hospital, enhancing the quality of life for area residents, and lowering the cost of healthcare. Albert Jovel and Daniel Bonilla, who manage the medical fitness center, discuss how exercise plays such a key component in healthcare.

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Healthplex Associates (HPA) consults with hospitals, health systems, foundations, and universities across the United States to create and manage clinically integrated fitness facilities. Healthplex Associates has developed unique programs to ensure the smooth transition from the clinical setting to the wellness center for people who need long term lifestyle management support for optimal health. HPA has achieved national leadership through innovation and our dedication to patients and clients.  

Our combined staff has now served over 400 clients ranging from large hospitals to smaller, community based rural hospitals.  We work exclusively with organizations ranging from healthcare systems, universities and foundations who are committed to a vision of improving the health and wellness of the community in which they serve.   

Healthplex Associates has developed a unique, hands-on style to assisting and advising clients with an approach that stresses partnerships. We provide an array of services in the Medical Wellness Industry.  These services include feasibility studies, audits of existing medical fitness centers and management. Fundamentally, we believe that true community health must include fitness/wellness services and because of our deep healthcare background (all of our principals have health care management or clinical backgrounds), our Healthplex team fully understands the client’s mission and the complexity of today’s healthcare environment. 

The management team of Healthplex Associates is made up of some of the nation’s most experienced experts in the field of medically based fitness. Few management firms can boast of the experience in health care, clinical services, and operations of medically based fitness centers that HPA possesses.  



SBH Manager Daniel trains a client at the new SBH Health and Wellness Center