Healthplex® Associates’ unique approach to strategic planning emphasizes education. We work with our clients to develop a strategic plan that “fits” their organization, rather than force a template that comes from some other project. With Healthplex® Associates, every center, and every project is a study of one. 

HPA sees its mission as not just developing a fitness organization, but also adapting a fitness organization to community wellness efforts.

Our approach to project planning is designed to minimize project risk and financial exposure to the client. This is accomplished through the completion of a product called a Feasibility Study. One of the key questions at this early stage is whether or not there is enough unmet demand to support a medical wellness center. The results of the market analysis will dictate the probable size, major components, and general profitability of the proposed center.

Included in the Feasibility Study is the operations business plan which precisely defines the fitness component, identifies its goals, and serves as its blueprint. The basic components include accurate financial projections by a team that knows the business. This helps allocate resources properly, prepare for unforeseen complications, and to make good business decisions.

  • Site Recommendations
  • Fitness Center Competition Analysis
  • Demographic Analysis of the Site Selected
  • Interviews With Key Stakeholders
  • Description of Project and Rationale
  • Compatibility With the Client’s Strategic Plan
  • Preliminary Sizing and Design Including Site and Floor Plans
  • Project Cost Estimate for a Model
  • Preliminary Wellness Center Financial Pro Forma
  • Final Recommendations