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Services:Targeted Marketing

It´s important to remember that the focus of marketing is people. If you're concentrating your efforts on your club´s appearance or profit only, you'll miss the mark. The term target market is used because that market - that group of people - is the bull's eye at which you aim all your marketing efforts.

So, don´t forget that a market is people - people with common characteristics that set them apart as a group. The more statistics you have about a target market, the more precisely you can develop your strateg.

Be careful not to confuse a geographic market segment with a place. The market is the people who live in the Sunbelt area, not the Sunbelt area. This is a common mistake made by club owners that causes them to lose a marketing focus on their customers.

Design Marketing Strategies with Your Target Market in Mind

The reason we´re concerned with identifying a target market is because it makes strategies for designing, pricing, distributing, promoting, positioning, and improving your club and its services easier, more effective, and more cost-effective.

For example, if research shows that having small, high definition televisions at each workout station appeals to your target market and if you're focused on that target market, you should provide that level of service. If, however, you're facility or profit oriented - rather than people oriented - you might simply provide regular overhead television because it is more reliable (facility oriented) or because it's cheap (profit oriented).

Here´s another example: If you know your target market is 24- to 49-year-old men who like rhythm & blues, are frequent CD buyers, and live in urban neighborhoods, you can create an advertising message to appeal to those types of buyers. Additionally, you could buy spots on a specific radio station or TV show that appeals to this type of buyer, rather than buying general media time to "kinda cover all the bases." Make sense?

In summary, when you´re making marketing decisions and you say “kinda,” it´s costing you money. Know who you are aiming for (your target market) and create a strategy for a direct hit.

How do we develop a target marketing plan?

Through our relationship with the HealthFit Research Board, we have access to the following data sources:

  • Over 20,000 household interviews about medically-integrated fitness clubs conducted in a variety of geographic settings.
  • Annual surveys of members within clubs managed by Healthplex® Associates.
  • National database of extensive demographic, economic and psychographic variables.
  • Household behavior towards fitness club membership based on data companies that maintain a number of national household panels.

Using this approach, we are able to craft a marketing plan that is highly targeted. We can even tailor the message to different segments within the target market. Finally, depending on the nature of advertising channels in each market, we will include an appropriate mix of advertising media, even including internet-based approaches.

Since we understand which message appeals to which segment, our plan will include suggested creative approaches. We are able to provide a complete, turn-key marketing campaign through our own advertising and printing vendors.

Finally, we understand that we are normally partnering with a medical provider and we are very comfortable working shoulder to shoulder with your marketing department and local advertising sources.