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Prescribe Healthplex® Associates Customer Survey for Medical Fitness Centers

Our unique survey tool, the first designed specifically for hospital-affiliated medical fitness centers, helps you:

• Achieve your vision to improve community health status

• Maintain and improve your fitness center´s revenue base

All by understanding what your members want in a medically based fitness facility.

Unlike commercial health club survey tools, ours will focus on your members changing lifestyles — how you can provide a higher level of service that supports their needs and facilitates lifestyle change. The result is higher retention rates. Central to this higher level of service is conducting a quality survey and developing an annual quality improvement plan. That's what the Healthplex® Associates Customer Survey is all about.

Easy, Inexpensive, Accurate

Our survey can be offered in several formats to satisfy the individual preferences of your members. We can even customize questions for your particular needs and still keep the cost low. And, because this tool has been tested and adjusted for medically based centers like yours, the results are accurate. You´ll use the data from your survey to make improvements with confidence.

Meaningful Data

Most importantly, the data generated by the survey are meaningful because they're contextual. As Healthplex® Associates continues to build a database of information from fitness centers nationwide, your data are analyzed in comparison to other medical fitness centers. As a result, you make informed decisions to achieve your mission while maximizing your center´s profitability. In addition, this measurement system is the only one in the United States that assesses the extent to which the fitness programs are contributing to members health improvement. Additional information is obtained about the relationship between fitness club operations and physicians as well as other health care providers associated with the client.

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