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Services: Operations Audit

In certain cases, clients who are currently affiliated with a fitness center are seeking ways to improve operations, marketing, medical integration and a host of other management functions. Healthplex Associates has a rich background in all of the applicable disciplines and can engineer improvements. This product evolves from the assessment processes and may include formal training and manuals covering each of the operating departments.


Prescribe an Audit

If the earnings from your hospital-affiliated medical fitness center have fallen short of expectations, you're not alone. Yours is not the only center suffering from poor membership retention, difficulty attracting new members, and an inability to increase per-member revenue. Fortunately, your center's ailments are treatable.

Healthplex® Associates' Operational and Strategic Assessment for Medical Fitness Centers evaluates all aspects of your operation – marketing, sales, day-to-day functions, reporting systems and output, and the competition The result: you get clear and practical recommendations supported by an action plan to revitalize your bottom line. At a minimum, we will examine your:

  • Clinical programming – what are you missing, and are you maximizing clinical revenue opportunities?
  • Staffing, salary, and wage structure – are you using incentives effectively?
  • Retail operations (including equipment and equipment leasing) – are you optimizing your resources? Non-clinical programs (baby-sitting. food services, etc.) – are they adding value?
  • Fee structures – are they in line with what you're providing?
  • Customer service, sales techniques, and operating policies and procedures – do they support the right kind of operation?


Why Our Assessment?

Healthplex® Associates is unrivalled in experience and savvy in the hospital-affiliated medical fitness center marketplace.

We have worked with clients coast to coast. And were attuned to the sensitivities of your staff and your members, so we perform our assessment unobtrusively, behind the scenes. Most importantly, we are hospital people first. Our senior staff all have extensive experience in both hospital and retail worlds. We understand your complex environment and help your center perform to your expectations. No other organization can deliver Healthplex® Associates unique combination of skills and experience to the process of auditing and prescribing solutions for your facility.