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Services: Healthplex Opening

Following construction, we are poised to serve the needs of our members. Healthplex® Associates works closely with hospital officials to manage a world-class grand opening event. This important activity is guaranteed to stimulate additional demand among the general public.

The Healthplex is a unique combination of special medical services with a world class fitness center. Since the facilities are architecturally integrated, a Healthplex allows for many therapy milieus to be expanded within the fitness club.

It is precisely the integration between fitness and clinical/medical services that is the foundation of the Healthplex concept. The management, fitness and clinical staff from our current Healthplex facilities meet regularly to develop new and better ways to integrate services. Each facility offers unique programs and services, which are based on the healthcare needs of the community and the needs of our healthcare partners. At the foundation of what makes Healthplex different is our emphasis on designing fitness programs based on a clinical assessment of a client and the needs uncovered in that assessment. Healthplex has pioneered integrative services and we have moved from the fragmented, unrelated wellness offerings to a true integrative system of health enhancement bringing together programs, services and expertise in medically based fitness and well care. Our basic model, particularly in today's healthcare reimbursement environment, is to transition from traditional healthcare services such as rehabilitation, to a safe, supervised and self-managed fitness program.